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Sliding roof

Sliding roofs are specially designed by the Demart design team and manufactured from the highest quality materials in our Demart extrusion factory. The sliding roof has maximum strength to protect against cold weather in winter and hot weather in summer. Thanks to the special shapes, the aluminum slats used in the sliding roof system are resistant to a snow load of 50 cm. Check out some of our projects and call us for more information.

Sliding roof characteristics

The sliding roof system allows opening by 65 degrees. Thanks to a specially designed stream, the opening and closing ceiling is located on top of the profiles used in the winter garden system without gaps and in this way.

As in other automatic systems, there are no gaps in the rail-flow connections that can take in air or rainwater, thus extending the life of the sliding roof as well as its maintenance.

The sliding roof system consists entirely of aluminum profiles. It can be painted in all colors according to the RAL chart. The installation of the electrostatic powder coating is located in a protected housing resistant to moisture and high temperatures.

The rails that carry the aluminum automatic sliding roof are specially designed and have dimensions of 145x 134 cm. Unlike other winter garden roof systems, the sliding roof system manufactured in Demart can be produced with an angle of 5% so that it looks flat.

Precipitation on aluminum sliding roof panels is transferred to the main flow profile through the flow on the panels and evacuated from the main flow profile to the outside area. The linear LED system used in the system is a Samsung brand. The LED application can be made in any color and the dimmer can be used in lighting.

The sliding roof performs movements with a 120Nm tubular motor. The system is installed without the need for a load-bearing steel structure. The sliding roof system can work in any type of scales without any balance and can be brought to balance with the help of supporting legs.

All profiles and accessories are stainless. The warranty on spare parts of the system is 1 year. (Rooms that will be created by use are excluded.)

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