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At Demart, we believe that quality and design are the basis for creating a modern and pleasant ambience. We make pergolas according to the needs and wishes of our clients. All aluminum profiles and parts for pergolas in Demart are produced in our own factory Demart D.O.O. Check out some of our projects and call us for more information.

Making a pergolas

Pergolas made in Demart have 3D dimming membranes based on PVC. The pergolas have a motor and an automation system that controls the system and is powered by KUPON tubular motors.

Demart pergolas are made of the highest quality aluminum parts that provide a long life of the pergola but simpler maintenance. The pergolas are mounted on vertical rails and are easily adjustable.

Demart pergola systems

Pergola system is a system of automatic awnings that can be used in cafes, restaurants, terraces, gardens, hotels but also private residences and houses.

Created to close open spaces. Thanks to our large model and a wide range of colors, it transforms the outdoor space into a maximum functional environment and provides a beautiful ambience.

In one product you get protection from rain and snow, and you can always open the PERGOLA and enjoy the outdoors. All aluminum profiles used in the system are manufactured to the highest production standards.

The whole system is resistant to all types of precipitation. Rain collects and flows through a system of gutters in the front guides towards the pillars where drainage is integrated.

If desired, it can be turned into a winter garden. We use three-layer Blackout pvc of 900 g m2. The Pergola system is guaranteed for 3 years.

Pergolas for all seasons

Demart pergolas (4 seasons of comfort) are designed and manufactured in accordance with all weather conditions and are used worldwide. Demart pergolas are widely used as a winter garden with folding glass, sliding glass or aluminum joinery and a sliding roof.

Demart pergola systems can be made of aluminum powder in any Ral color.

The pergolas are resistant to a snow load of 25 cm and a wind speed of 120 km / h.

Smart winter accessories on the pergolas control the water in the top cover during precipitation and enable collection, lowering into rain streams and transport outside.

Demart pergolas have a darkening membrane of 850 g / m² weight, waterproof, non-flammable and non-flammable (DIN 53354- DIN 53360). Provides thermal insulation with light insulation function. The summer heat is cold in the winter.

Demart movable roof rails are special extrusions made of aluminum alloy, with a special honeycomb texture, which includes a movement mechanism and spindle wheels, and do not need any steel or wooden additional supports. It also contains a mechanism and acts as a support rail. It therefore has a modern and aesthetic look. All connecting parts and screws are INOX.

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