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Vertical sliding system

Considering that the bottom plate remains stable thanks to its excellent design, the absence of an aluminum profile in the middle glass part that corresponds to the waist and the area above the head provides a complete panoramic view.

When the system is fully open, it can serve as a fixed glass handle at the bottom. Forms an unlocked security system.

Characteristics of vertical sliding systems

120 NM Tabular motor system is used in all our systems.

The system can be stopped at the desired location with the remote control while working, which ensures air circulation indoors even in bad weather.

The system can be manufactured as double glazing which can provide greater insulation as required.

As the load-bearing parts are equipped with high-strength chains, this provides complete protection against wear and corrosion that can occur after a long period of system operation.

When more than one module is used, the guillotine glass systems are assembled so that they can be opened one by one or all the modules at once using one remote control.

Since the bearing parts are equipped with high-strength chains, it provides complete protection against corrosion and abrasion that can occur after prolonged operation of the system.

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