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Using the highest quality materials and applying the best aesthetic solutions, we make premium awnings for all types of private and public buildings, awnings for terraces, awnings for the yard.

Awning for the terrace

Awnings for the terrace are an ideal solution for protection from the sun on hot summer days, but also protection from the weather during the zmis period. With a combination of the best materials, terrace awnings can create a beautiful ambience whether the awning is placed on the terrace in your apartment, garden of restaurants and cafes, yard or balcony. Awnings are made of high quality aluminum with or without an automatic mechanism for opening or closing the awning.

Awnings can be made in various colors. For more information call one of the contact numbers.

Awnings for terraces price

When it comes to terrace awnings, the price depends on a large number of components such as the dimensions of the awning, the mechanism for starting the awning for the terrace, the necessary constructions and the canvas from which the awning is made. We create detailed prices for terrace awnings after processing your request.

Awnings for yard and garden

Awnings for yards and gardens are the most effective way to protect from the sun in summer, and rain and snow in winter. Demart manufactures high-quality aluminum awnings for the gardens of cafes, restaurants, hotels and other catering facilities. The automatic mechanism allows easy opening and closing of the awning, providing a beautiful ambience. Contact us for more information on garden and yard awnings.

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